Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
kitchen backsplashSo much of our family time is spent in the kitchen, cooking, eating casual meals, or simply gathering around a table or island while waiting for the kettle to boil. It's great when a kitchen reflects the personality of the people who live in the home, but today's designs often focus on maximizing efficiency.
One area where homeowners can have some fun with design, however, is the backsplash. A backsplash is a protective trim along the back wall of the kitchen counter. Some people choose to install backsplash material only behind the stove-top, others install continuous backsplash along the entire wall behind the counter.
Explore a variety of materials to create a striking backsplash that captures your family vibe!
Elegant Backsplashes
  • Boldly patterned marble or granite backsplashes can be the perfect complement to marble or granite countertops. If your kitchen is furnished with smooth modern lines, choosing a dramatically patterned stone for countertop and backsplash can animate the whole room.
  • A clean, contemporary look can be achieved by installing a natural stone backsplash in contrast to stainless steel appliances and neutral granite countertops.
  • Design a stone tile mosaic. By putting together small stone tiles of various colours, you can create a unique and beautiful wall. You may arrange tiles in random order, or devise a geometric pattern that repeats throughout.
  • Small tiles in variations of a single colour can bring a vibrant look to a kitchen that features painted white or plain light wooden cabinetry. Blue marble tiles are particularly versatile.
Funky Backsplash Ideas
  • The kitchen is a room where you can have a little fun. Let your inner artist create a mosaic backsplash from brightly coloured ceramic tile. Depict a scene from nature such as rolling waves, a flower garden, or the tree of life.
  • Italian ceramic tiles often feature raised or embossed designs such as grapes, flowers, or hearts. Some are decorated with traditional patterns. Purchase a variety of these tiles and arrange them to give your backsplash a touch of old world charm.
  • Choose a few large ceramic tiles that you like and hang them at intervals on the wall behind your counter or stove. They need not match in size or design, and will create an eclectic look for your kitchen.
  • Find one large ceramic tile that you love, and surround it with smaller ceramic tiles in various complementary colours.
  • Go retro, and create a continuous backsplash in alternating black and white stone or ceramic tiles.
  • Paint your own designs on ceramic tile and seal them with urethane. Combine your hand-painted tiles with smaller coloured tiles and make a totally unique backsplash.
Many people also install bathroom backsplash panels. You can have fun with these by adding elements such as glass pebbles and seashells into a tile mosaic.
To find materials and ideas for your backsplash, visit a stone and ceramic tile importer. The wide variety of materials available will spark your creativity!